7 Reasons Why You Should Download Our Church App
by Austin Buckner on March 15th, 2023
March is always a busy time for us here at First Baptist Joplin. Easter is coming up, then the end of school, and before you know it - Summer. Summer is a season of travel, relaxation, and lots of activities. With many people taking time off from their regular routines, it can be challenging to stay connected with their church community. Fortunately, technology can help bridge this gap, and downloading our church app is an excellent way to stay connected during these busy months.  Read More
Your Giving = Thanks Giving
by Carrie Morrell on March 8th, 2023
Here are some of the ways that YOUR GIVING to First Baptist Joplin has resulted in THANKSGIVING to God over the past year!  Read More
4 Things Men Struggle to Admit
by Jason Taylor on March 3rd, 2023
Manhood:  strength, fearlessness, bravery, protectors.
These words are what we as men think of when we consider what is expected of us.  We carry ourselves as figures who are always in control and never stymied by any situation or person. We persevere; we are the epidemy of strong and courageous at all times.  And that’s why we struggle so much with being real and genuine.  Because no one can be all of those things all the time.  But we can’t let anyone know, right?  That would give a perception of weakness and that is something men cannot tolerate.  But what if the perception of weakness was just that – a perception?  What if true strength was found in weakness?  In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul quotes Jesus who said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  Being labeled as weak, I believe, is what often keeps men from saying things that need to be said.  Here are four common admissions men struggle with:
  Read More
Holiness In Your Thoughts
by Ken Hawkins on February 22nd, 2023
For my blog this time I am using a couple of devotionals from A. W. Tozer. As we pray for revival and spiritual awakening in our community, it starts with us personally in our personal life.   Read More
3 Reasons Why Developing Leaders Is So Rewarding
by Jamie Tickel on February 15th, 2023
A lot of what I learned about leadership development was because I fell into it. It was accidental, if I could call it that. I would have a young man in the church talk about the call of God on their life and before long we were meeting together and talking through things. We didn't have a curriculum or anything. After a season they would be given more responsibilities and then BOOM! they were on their own.   Read More
Just Get on the Bus!
by Christy Taylor on January 25th, 2023
After my first trip, I came home thanking God for the wonderful opportunity, but just never thought I would go back. Each year, as the trip approaches, my mind is bombarded with the one million and one reasons why I “can’t go this year.” However, I always manage to end up on the bus. I have arrived many years at Beautiful Feet, thinking: “How did I even get here?” But when God prompts, we go. It’s always best, and it’s always worth it.  Read More
Revival and Spiritual Awaking
by Ken Hawkins on January 18th, 2023
We are living in a post-Christian Era. We look around and we see the world following a couple of scripture verses. Judges 21:25b “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes” and in Romans 1:28 “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting.”  Read More
The Truths of Our Lord!
by Ryan Young on January 11th, 2023
As we enter into a new year, I thought it would be an encouragement to look at some Truths about our Lord. The world is full of false truths and lies. It’s encouraging to me to find even in the midst of false hope a Hope then remains True forever. I pray that this encourages your walk and draws you closer to Christ!  Read More
by Jamie Tickel on January 4th, 2023
I love it that we have an opportunity to see the Apostle Paul's itinerary of ministry work included in his letter to the Corinthian church. As He is closing out this first letter he is giving them an update on when they could expect him to stop in and stay with them. But placed within this itinerary is a very important description of Ephesus. He says, "I will stay in Ephesus until Pentecost" and then tells us why.   Read More
Joseph: The Common, Godly Man
by Ken Hawkins on December 14th, 2022
Have you ever thought of who Joseph, Mary’s husband, was and what type of person he was? I have many times. Without Joseph there would not have been any nativity scene or home for Jesus to go to. Without Joseph, who would take care of Mary and the infant Jesus? Who would have taught Jesus a trade and how to take care of Mary and the family when he Joseph, was gone? Joseph is very important and very much involved in Jesus first coming.  Read More
Awe And Wonder
by Jess Whitehead on December 7th, 2022
The Christmas Season is upon us, it truly does seem to come quicker and quicker each year. We all know the reality. . . with the busyness of the season, and all that comes with it, it is easy to get weighed down by the demand that the season puts on us. The shopping, the cooking, the parties, the wrapping of gifts, and anything else that may get thrown our way, it is hard sometimes not to lose the sense of awe and wonder that can come with the Christmas season.   Read More
3 Questions To Start A Jesus Conversation This Season
by Jamie Tickel on November 16th, 2022
I know you know the statistics reveal that very few born-again Christians share their faith personally with others and some of that may be the result of feelings of inadequacy or fear. But regardless of the feelings we have, we have a wonderful privilege and responsibility to personally share the good news of Jesus. Here are a few great ideas for conversation starters to have with others that are perfect for this season.   Read More