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You Were Made to Sing. Yes, You
by Jason Taylor on March 8th, 2024
You were made to sing. Yes, you! Not only that, you were made to sing with other believers. While the amount of time has varied from time to time and from place to place, on average, churches devote about one-third of the time they spend together each week to congregational singing. But why? What should we sing? And why should we sing together? While there is a vast number of answers to those questions, here are three thoughts to consider.  Read More
I Just Can’t Talk About Jesus
by Jason Taylor on September 21st, 2023
“I just can’t talk to people about Jesus without it seeming pushy or awkward.” Ever heard that? Ever said that? Sometimes we make the whole concept of “talking about Jesus” entirely too difficult. Having a Gospel conversation with someone doesn’t mean you have to beat them over the head with the Bible – starting at Genesis and telling the entire story through Revelation.  Read More
6 Ways You Can Bless the Wives of the Pastors in Your Church
by Jason Taylor on April 21st, 2023
Whether her husband serves as the Lead Pastor, Worship Pastor, or any other pastoral role in the church, a pastor’s wife is a special calling.  Read More
4 Things Men Struggle to Admit
by Jason Taylor on March 3rd, 2023
Manhood:  strength, fearlessness, bravery, protectors.
These words are what we as men think of when we consider what is expected of us.  We carry ourselves as figures who are always in control and never stymied by any situation or person. We persevere; we are the epidemy of strong and courageous at all times.  And that’s why we struggle so much with being real and genuine.  Because no one can be all of those things all the time.  But we can’t let anyone know, right?  That would give a perception of weakness and that is something men cannot tolerate.  But what if the perception of weakness was just that – a perception?  What if true strength was found in weakness?  In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul quotes Jesus who said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  Being labeled as weak, I believe, is what often keeps men from saying things that need to be said.  Here are four common admissions men struggle with:
  Read More
Passion Over Preferences
by Jason Taylor on June 1st, 2022
Worship is a lifestyle that most certainly reaches far beyond just singing. But as a worship leader, I want to share a few thoughts on the musical aspect of worship. Music is such a powerful medium. Music can inspire and lift the soul like nothing else can. Something happens when a heart that has a genuine desire for God is exposed to music that is designed to worship God. Surely the Lord delights in the joyful noise, but my guess is that He delights in the heart behind the noise even more.  Read More
4 Ways To Help Your Kids Open Up
by Jason Taylor on April 27th, 2022
As a parent, you’ve probably experienced moments where a conversation with your child went deeper than you expected. And it was AWESOME (maybe a little scary at times, but nevertheless, awesome)!! Sadly though, these moments are often few and far between. However, I believe there are some practical ways that we as parents can help foster an environment where those special types of conversations can occur more frequently.  Read More