I Just Can’t Talk About Jesus

“I just can’t talk to people about Jesus without it seeming pushy or awkward.”

Ever heard that?  Ever said that?

Sometimes we make the whole concept of “talking about Jesus” entirely too difficult. Having a Gospel conversation with someone doesn’t mean you have to beat them over the head with the Bible – starting at Genesis and telling the entire story through Revelation.

Talking about Jesus means at some point, we turn the conversation towards Christ in some way - even if it is just for a sentence.  Sometimes it may lead the conversation into a discussion about faith.  Other times it will just be a quick mention of Christ and then the conversation moves on.

The excuse that it’s really difficult and even awkward at times to turn a conversation is not a valid excuse at all.  We turn conversations all the time.

For example, you don’t have to talk to me for very long before I will be telling you about my wife and kids or pulling out my phone to show you pictures and videos of them.  Am I being pushy?  No.  I am just passionate about my family.  So I take the opportunity to let people know that whenever I see the chance.

Guys, you have your favorite team. You turn conversations toward that team all the time – “Did you see the game last night?”  “Did you hear about the big trade?”  “Did you hear our third string half-back has an ingrown toenail and is out for two weeks?” – Why?  It’s something that you are passionate about.  You find joy in talking about it.

Ladies, let’s say you find a great deal at one of your favorite store.  I mean you get this thing for a steal because of the in-store discount combined with an online coupon you had and Venus being aligned with Jupiter and all other sorts of things.  How long do you wait before you work that in to a conversation with a friend?  You can’t wait to tell someone!  You are excited about it and you don’t care who knows it!

The truth is, we talk about what we are passionate about.  We don’t have to work hard or be manipulative to work those things into our everyday conversations.  They just come out of us because they are things that are important to us.

If we are living our lives on mission for Christ - if He is our true passion, guess what? – He will begin to pop up in our daily conversations naturally.  Some may be no more than a sentence long.  But others might be.  Just see where the conversation takes you.

-Jason Taylor
Worship & Youth Pastor
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Tracy Guppy - September 21st, 2023 at 4:57pm

So true! Thank you Jason for expressing it. Only in our minds it is so hard to talk about someone we are so passionate about. Instead of this being so hard to do, it should be the easiest command to obey. If we say we truly love Jesus, we must get out and share that with someone else.