Having Faith Conversations with Your Kids
by Katie Jones on August 16th, 2022
The key to talking to kids is to make it part of your daily routine. Something they are comfortable with and look forward to. The biggest opportunities are in the car, meals, and bedtime. As you listen, they feel safe to share their inner, hidden lives and what is swirling around in their thoughts, hearts, and minds. Predictable, consistent, conversations lead to deep, holy, conversations.  Read More
A Heart of Service
by Jess Whitehead on August 3rd, 2022
Serving others, being served, worship service, service project, poor service, fantastic service. . . Service is a word that we use quite often in our lives. In fact, if we aren’t careful, I feel that we can lose sight of what the word “serve” actually means. I have experienced something similar, and I am quite certain we all have at some point. The dictionary definition of serve is quite simple, to perform duties or service for someone else, or an organization. Seems simple enough, do things for other people. However, as believers, serving is so much more than that.   Read More
The Walk
by Ryan Young on July 27th, 2022
Paul a lot of times would refer to himself as different things. In this verse it’s a prisoner of the Lord. We know that sometimes when he would pen these letters it would be from a jail cell. Yet he kept on writing.  Read More
A First Time Guest In 13 Different Churches
by Jamie Tickel on July 20th, 2022
I'm a pastor. And because I'm a pastor I spend most of my time and Sundays in my church but when I take a vacation or spend time away on a twelve-week sabbatical as I had recently I visit other churches. I want to be challenged with strong preaching, be lifted up by powerful worship and be encouraged by other brothers and sisters in Christ. I enjoy looking around and seeing what other churches are doing and possibly get some ideas for my church context. That's what I did when I visited thirteen churches over the course of 12 weeks.   Read More
Thank You
by Todd Decker on July 6th, 2022
It's been a challenge, but it's been fun. We look forward to the days ahead with Pastor Jamie leading the helm and what God is going to do in all of our lives and our church.  Read More
It Is Harvest Time
by Ken Hawkins on June 22nd, 2022
Do you know the number one evangelism tool the church has today is VBS? Number two is camp! I was excited to see one of our children come forward at the service on Sunday to announce her decision to follow the Lord in baptism after accepting Christ as her Savior at children’s camp. I think her family was overcome with great joy as they had been praying for that decision!   Read More
God is Good
by Jess Whitehead on June 15th, 2022
“God is Good”, a phrase that we love, and we are all very familiar with. However, I fear it is a phrase that we use often enough that we become too familiar with it. It is my hope that we never grow so familiar with the phrase “God is Good” that it just becomes another phrase we say.   Read More
Why Evangelize?
by Ryan Young on June 8th, 2022
As believers it seems like one thing that we don’t do in our Christian walk is actively engage people about and with the Gospel. Evangelism. Why is that? Are we afraid to say the wrong things? Do we try to be politically correct? Do we have an apathetic outlook? Do we have the mindset or, just let the church staff do that? Here’s some thoughts on why we as followers of Jesus should actively evangelize.  Read More
Passion Over Preferences
by Jason Taylor on June 1st, 2022
Worship is a lifestyle that most certainly reaches far beyond just singing. But as a worship leader, I want to share a few thoughts on the musical aspect of worship. Music is such a powerful medium. Music can inspire and lift the soul like nothing else can. Something happens when a heart that has a genuine desire for God is exposed to music that is designed to worship God. Surely the Lord delights in the joyful noise, but my guess is that He delights in the heart behind the noise even more.  Read More
SBC In The News
by Jamie Tickel on May 25th, 2022
As some of you may know, an investigative report was released yesterday detailing incidents of sexual abuse and accusations of attempted cover-ups in the Southern Baptist Convention. The investigation and report were sanctioned by the SBC’s own Executive Committee and is nearly 300 pages. Click here for a news article. As you can imagine, news of a scandal of this sort among the largest protestant denomination is traveling far and wide. Please be discerning as you consume stories.   Read More
Thoughts From Our Sabbatical Interim
by Todd Decker on May 18th, 2022
John tells us that one by-product of living in the light is shared fellowship. Perhaps we might reverse this truth. Any pursuit of spirituality that fractures the community, that cultivate a religious elitism, must surely be a faith lived in darkness.  Read More
3 Ways to Help Your Kids Follow Jesus
by Katie Jones on May 11th, 2022
You have heard the quote, “There is a 0.0296% chance your child will become a professional athlete. There is a 100% chance YOUR child will stand before Jesus. What are you teaching your children?” What parts of their lives do you focus on—week to week? Day to day?  Read More