Baby Steps

If you have attended church for any extended period of time you have probably gotten to witness and maybe even be a part of a few traditions that can mark pivotal moments in the life of those who belong to Christ and His Church. From watching families commit themselves to raising their children up in Christ, to first graders being presented a bible from their church. Maybe you have watched an energetic and excited seven-year-old run up to the front to say they have accepted Jesus as the savior of their life or an older person walk slowly up to the front with tears in their eyes to profess that they have finally found Jesus. Watching people young and old get baptized always brings tears to my eyes. Maybe you have even been lucky enough to be a part of a church pot luck (Baptist churches sure know how to do those right haha).

No matter the tradition, one thing remains consistent through them all: community. Church happens so that all people young and old can come and worship the same God together. When you commit to Christ and His Church and participate in the Church you are getting to participate in eternity and you whether you know it or not are making an impact in the Kingdom of God.

This Sunday we have an awesome opportunity to come together and join in praying for seven families who are committing themselves to the upbringing of their babies in Christ, the most precious members of our church.

And there is no better person to share why we continue with this tradition than our Preschool Director Charity Anderson:

“This Sunday is baby dedication, and God has blessed our church with 7 new littles. I cannot wait to love on these littles and their families! God is truly blessing our church!

To me there is nothing more important than to show these families love, and the power of protection by their church. By praying over these families and loving them, we are giving them the support they will need to raise their children in the way they should go.

God has chosen me and you as a church body to be instrumental in the advancement of His kingdom through all the littles that He brings to our church! In preschool/nursery we plant the seeds that God uses to grow His love and His kingdom. While we hardly ever get to see these trees grow, God knows and He knows the plans that He has for each and every one of these kids!

Taking part and supporting our little families is the 1st step in advancing the kingdom; we are all taking part in being the hands and feet of our great God!”

Peace and Blessings, Forever Grateful!
-Savannah Sturgeon (Children’s Ministry Director) and Charity Anderson (Nursery/Preschool Director)

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