God is Good

“God is Good”, a phrase that we love, and we are all very familiar with. However, I fear it is a phrase that we use often enough that we become too familiar with it. It is my hope that we never grow so familiar with the phrase “God is Good” that it just becomes another phrase we say.

Whether we are a student, parent, grandparent or whatever stage of life we find ourselves in, God is Good. The enemy will do anything that he can to throw us off course, and try to get us to detour from the fact that God is Good.

If the last few years have taught us anything, they have taught us that life is unpredictable and the enemy will try to use anything he can to force us to lose focus and begin to question if God is actually good. I think of Paul, and all the curve balls that he was thrown in his life. 2 Corinthians 11  tells us that Paul was beaten, shipwrecked, hungry, thirsty, and much more. Yet, Paul never wavered in his cause for Christ. Paul continued to push on toward his goal and rested in the fact that God is good.

It is obvious that this attitude of resting in God’s goodness is easier said than done, however, we can constantly find rest and assurance that God is Good, and just like Jeremiah tells us, “his plans are for us to have a hope and a future.”

We serve and are loved by an awesome God, and no matter what life tries to throw at us His goodness is constant and never changing,  and for that I am eternally grateful.

Because He Lives,
-Jess Whitehead
Student Ministry Associate
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