Thoughts About My Sabbatical

As many of you probably know, I will be beginning my 12-week sabbatical after Easter.  This is definitely a new season for me and I have never experienced a sabbatical in my 24 years of ministry. Of course, I've been thinking a lot about it, and here are a few thoughts I want to share with you.  
1.  I am thankful.  I talk to many pastors that have never had an extended time away offered to them.  I am so grateful that our church put this process in motion over two years ago to write this into our documents to invest in the continued health and well-being of the ministry staff.  
2. I am nervous.  I know, I know, I shouldn't confess that but being away from the place I love and have invested myself in for 12 years is a big step.  I am learning the lesson of trust.  I trust our staff and leadership team and am thankful for their love for the Lord, this church, and one another.  I am trusting our Sabbatical Interim, Todd Decker.  He is more than capable and qualified to the position he will have.  And finally, I trust God.  After all, this is His church.  
3. I am excited.  I'm excited for this season of rest and refreshment.  I'm excited to meet with, worship with, and talk with other brothers in the ministry.  I'm excited for the extended times of private study, reflection, and worship this season of rest will offer me.  But honestly, I think I'm more excited for you.  This is going to be an incredible season for this place as we get to get poured into by a consistent, different voice.  As Todd said Sunday, "We're not putting this church in neutral!"
Honestly, this will be a different season for all of us and there's no reason to not go ahead and say it.  But the beauty is that our God never wastes a season in the lives of His children.  I am praying and believing that after my twelve weeks when we are reunited again we will all have grown in amazing ways.  
I love you, church.
-Pastor Jamie Tickel
Lead Pastor
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