Adopt a CONNECT  Student

As the new school year begins we want to encourage our connect college students as much as we can.
We ask that your family would pray and consider being a part of this  ministry within Connect College Ministry!


Studies have proven that after graduation, 66% of students drop out of church, even those heavily involved. Whether they are going to college or just working towards their career we want to come alongside our college students and "connect" with them during this new, difficult, and potentially scary time of life.

What is expected of me?

Everyone needs prayer. Praying for these students will be a powerful way that you can minister to them.

Send them encouragement notes monthly or even more often then that. Include a Bible verse or something that will bring them encouragement.

Small Gifts.
Bless them occasionally with small gifts such as gift cards. You will have their mailing information so you will know what options are in their town. We can help give you some ideas as well.

** Please note, if something happens that you cannot fulfill your commitment to a student, please let us know.
We understand that sometimes life shifts and things change -- so please don't hesitate to let us know so we can find another family for them.

What is the time commitment?

This will officially kick off October 2nd, 2022 and run through early May of 2023.

When you sign up we will want a contact number for you so that we can text the entire group reminders and ways to encourage and minister to the student that you receive. We also want to have a luncheon in May to hopefully connect you and the student that you will have ministers to for about a 7-8 month time period. More details on that will be given during the Spring Semester.

EMAIL to "adopt"
a connect college student