Thank You


It's been a challenge, but it's been fun.

Goal #1, "Not to blow things up while the Pastor was on Sabbatical."
Thank you for listening for these 12 weeks. I pray you have grown deeper in love for God's Word, doctrinally, ethically, and relationally.
Thank you, Jamie, for trusting me with your pulpit, your staff and your people. I hope your Sabbatical has been what you needed.
Thank you Church Staff, for all you have done.

Goal #2 "Hold the church together." You have done it! You have been the glue and the energy to keep things headed in a positive direction.

And thank you for being our church family.
When I said "Yes," to doing the sabbatical for Jamie, I did not know I would be transitioning to a leadership role at Mercy, so time management has not been easy, but have enjoyed the preparation and the services.

As a Board Certified Hospital Chaplain, I am required to hold 2 things denominationally: 1) A sponsoring church; 2) A Chaplain endorsement with the North American Mission Board. So, not only are you our church family, you are our sponsoring church.

Finally, thank you to my wife, Tammy, who has been at my side for 39 years plus, who enables me to do all that I do. Whenever we have left churches to follow God's call, the
church has missed her far more than me. And that is the truth!

We look forward to the days ahead with Pastor Jamie leading the helm and what God is going to do in all of our lives and our church.

Your Sabbatical Interim,
Todd Decker
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