Sunday mornings at both 9 and 10:30 am we have a wide variety of Small Groups to choose from.

Meets Sunday Mornings at 9 am on the Second Floor



East Room  teacher/ Chance Matthiesen                                                         All are welcome

A friendly & lively group welcoming to all ages.  Lessons are discussion format where people learn and gain insight from one another through fellowship, study, and support of one another.  Topics center on biblical principles with emphasis on the “real” aspect of life applications.

Rm 205        teacher/ Kim Conroy                                                                 Women of all ages

Kim’s class has students at varying ages and stages of life, which is a great benefit.  There is much to learn from their study in the New Testament books and from one another.

Rm 206        teacher/ José DeHoyos                                                           Age range 30’s-50’s

José leads a growing group from different backgrounds and levels of spiritual development.  They are using the “Explore the Bible” study.  You will find a warm welcome, friendly atmosphere and enthusiastic teaching.

Rm 210        teacher/ Jim Allan                                                                             Senior Adults

Jim is a seasoned Sunday school teacher with a tremendous heart for his class.  They use the “Explore the Bible” series and study through an entire book of the Bible. The class meets in room 211 for an assembly before separating.

Rm 211        teacher/ Jim Dryden                                                                    Senior Adult Men

Jim’s class uses the “Explore the Bible” study series.  This series covers the background, theme, purpose and author of the book.  The teaching and discussion in this class can take you deeper into your understanding.


Meets Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am on the Second Floor



Rm 202        teacher/ Jim Largent                                                              Age Range 50’s-70’s

This class uses the “Explore the Bible” study and offers a friendly atmosphere and great discussion.  Jim’s study and preparation time for class are always evident.

Rm 206        teacher/ Hiram Bragg                                                    Young Couples  20’s-40’s

Hiram’s class is called “Homebuilders Association” and focuses on teaching Biblical principles to help manage life's responsibilities

Rm 207        teacher/ Aaron Hailey                                                             Age range 30’s-40’s

Aaron loves to see his class grab onto the truths of the word of God.  Leading a group of younger adults, Aaron understands the challenges and pressures of that stage of life.  This class uses a variety of curriculum.

Rm 208        teacher/ Gregg Baum                                                                          College Age

Gregg and his wife BJ lead our college-age study group.  The emphasis in this class is to help students make wise, biblical decisions at a crucial season of their life.

East Rm       teacher/ Mitch Stinnett                                                          Age Range 50’s-70’s

This class is known as the Navigators.  This class has grown using various curriculum and regular fellowships.  Great discussion,  different voices and a variety of backgrounds make this a unique class.