Our Pre-School Department offers fun, theme-based curriculums that include songs, activities and crafts. Our kids also enjoy play time and snacks during class.

Our Elementary Department mixes games, snacks, music and bible lessons in fun, theme-based curriculums. We strive to help kids know God and make Him know by leading them to WORSHIP God, EQUIP Believers and ENGAGE the world.


9-10:15am Grade Level Sunday School

10:15am-End of Service First Kids Live

(Interactive Service with Skits, Music and Games)


6-7:30pm Slime Time

(Games, Snacks and Music)

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In our history, God has used tactile experiences like meals, holiday celebrations, the craftsmanship of the Tabernacle and Temple, songs, rituals, and dances to teach His people who He is and what He has done.  God knew that these would drive home His point home better than just simple storytelling in the oral tradition alone.  Jesus used parables and teaching with everyday objects to relate His teachings to everyday life experiences.  Educational research also confirms God’s method of actively engaging children with all 5 senses is what works best to change hearts and minds and engage learning.  We want to make Bible truths real by involving kids deeper in application and finding creative ways to immerse them in God’s truths.

Join on for Slimetime on Wednesdays at 6pm for grades 1-5!  Slimetime was written to not only include scripture memory but also to engage, then to change the heart of each child that attends.

The goals of Slimetime are:

  • that each child will be able to use their Bible confidently in life for daily use and to face any challenge.
  • that each child will be able to learn verses weekly and learn how to lean on the word of God to navigate this world.
  • that each child will build relationship with their small group leader and other kids seeking God.
  • for each child gets to experience a hands-on experience that will helps kids “stick the word in their heads and hide it in their hearts”.  The activity centers are set up to engage kids in all 5 senses to learn application of God’s word.
  • to make sure that they could DO what He did, and not simply know what He knew.  We use Circle small groups like Jesus did (He had a group that followed him around) through activity centers, small group time, and whole group time.
  • to model true evangelism in each child’s life by inviting others.  Slime and other fun games will build an excitement to bring other kids to church, especially non-churched kids.
  • that all kids will grow in basic Bible skills. Bible knowledge is the foundation for confidently living a Christ-following life.
  • that kids will learn to apply biblical truths to make godly decisions in their daily life.  Following Jesus’ example of Luke 2:52, we see that the young Jesus grew physically, but also in wisdom. But wisdom is the application of the knowledge we possess.   This is the ultimate goal of every Slimetime activity.  Wisdom doesn’t ask, “what do you know?“  It asks, “What do you do with what you know?”
  • to engage the family to learn how to model and teach these spiritual disciplines at home in an easy and accessible way that will last a lifetime.

The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 3:7 that although we may have the privilege of being used by the God to plant seeds and water them, it is God who brings about growth.  Only the Holy Spirit can truly transform a heart.  Please pray for our kids and our wonderful leaders and ask God to work in the hearts of our kids and leaders to draw them to Himself.  We need your prayers!!


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