WHAT TO EXPECT What do I need to know? One of the great things about visiting a church with consistent growth is that you are rarely the only new person. Please know this if you visit: You will NOT be singled out, asked to stand up and introduce yourself, be forced to read a portion of Scripture aloud, recite verses from memory, lead the congregation in prayer, tell us where you are from, introduce your friend, sing a special, balance a hymnal on your nose or know the name of every book of the Bible and how to pronounce it and where it is located. As you can see from pictures we have quite the mix of dress, from casual jeans and t-shirts to polos and suit jackets, so don’t let that keep you from being our guest.   SUNDAYS Groups and Worship 9:00 & 10:30 4128 S Connecticut Ave, Joplin, Missouri DIRECTIONS ARRIVAL PRE-SERVICE DURING SERVICE BEFORE YOU LEAVE NEXT STEPS Making a Decision? Do you have a decision to make about salvation, baptism, or church membership?  We would love to talk to you about that!  Visit someone at the Welcome Center or talk to someone up front at the end of the service during invitation time.  You can also contact the church office to schedule an appointment to speak to the pastor. Email the office Want to know more? Find out about our next First Look Lunch at the Welcome Center – they usually occur about once every 8-9 weeks.  We provide your lunch after service on a Sunday and tell you about our vision and mission as a church, and give you opportunities to ask questions.  RSVP for the next one with the church office to find out more. Email the office Need to get involved? Our goal is to provide several ways for you to get involved with the “First” family, from Small Groups on Sunday mornings, Family Groups throughout the week, or service opportunities whenever.  We would love to have you plug in to grow and serve! Get involved!