Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have anything for my children?

    /ministries/childrens-ministryAbsolutely!  When you walk in to any of our entrances you'll find a signs and a friendly greeter that will show you the way to the appropriate children's ministry location to meet your needs. 

    The nursery and preschool is clearly a priority in our church. We have a fully staffed, safe nursery for your little ones.  

    We also have a worship service designed especially for your child during adult worship in our children's chapel.  

  • What about my teens?

    Teens are a major part of our church family. First Baptist has made a tremendous investment in ministry to the teens of our community and sponsors several annual community-wide events in addition to our weekly Wednesday night Storehouse.

  • Do i need to dress up?

    Our pastor doesn't wear a coat or tie. We're pretty casual. We understand that there are some that prefer to dress up but not everyone feels that way. We want you to feel comfortable. There are many people that wear jeans, shorts, t-shirts, etc. Although we want you to be comfortable we do ask that you dress with modesty in mind. You (we) wouldn't want to distract anyone's attention from where it should be. 

  • Will I be called out or be given any unwanted special attention in worship? 

    No. You will not be asked to stand up and tell everyone your name, quote a verse from memory, sing a special, balance a Bible on your nose, etc.  We would love for you to fill out an information card attached to your bulletin.  If you hand it to the pastor at the door, we have a gift we would like to give you.

  • What type of worship style do you offer?

    There are so many different labels that people use to describe their worship style like contemporary, traditional, blended, seeker-friendly and organic just to name a few. Our Worship Pastor Jason leads worship for an audience of one (God) and strives to provide an atmosphere of worship for every attendant. We have a very diverse group of worshipers at First Baptist. We strive to provide a worship experience that is real and relevant.

  • Where are you located?

    We understand your confusion!  We are now located at ONE CAMPUS - 4128 S Connecticut Ave, just past I-44 in Joplin, Missouri.  We were located downtown on Pearl St for over 100 years, and we recently utilized Victory Ministry Sports Complex as a place to worship while we were transitioning into our new building.  But we are FINALLY HOME!