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Please pray for the Children’s Ministry Director search committee: Amy Brake, Blair Dance, Charity Anderson, John Lewis, Lamont Buckner, Lisa Yates, Rick Williams.



VBS starts on Sunday.  Please pray for all the workers and all of the children and parents who will be attending.


Nick & Lindsay

Please pray for Nick and Lindsay and their family to whom the Missions team ministered last week.  Cards of encouragement can be sent to 609 E 3rd St, Eureka, KS 67045.



Ken Ragsdale

Ken had his left leg removed below the knee recently (his right leg was removed a couple of years ago.)  Surgery went well and he is at James River Care and Rehab in Springfield.  He is a former minister of music and youth.


Kelly Tharp

Kelly has been diagnosed with Lyme disease.  She is really tired and on antibiotics and antihistamines.


Dorothy Steele

Dorothy has been at Mercy since Friday undergoing several tests.  She will have a stress test today and will probably be dismissed after that.  She needs to gain weight and strength before she has surgery to correct her esophagus, and will be on a liquid diet until the surgery.  She has finally agreed to go to assisted living close to her daughter’s home.


Kenna Turley Peters

Kenna has had cancer for 14 years, and it has now spread to her brain.  She starts radiation and aggressive treatments soon.  She is giving God praise for getting her through the last 14 years.


Kenny Waggoner

        Kenny was taken to the ER last Wednesday.


Charlene Daniels

Charlene has been struggling with a bacterial infection from a tick bite, as well as pneumonia.  She is now at home and doing a little better.


Joyce Atteberry

Joyce is at Freeman East and is working hard with three hours of physical therapy a day.


Marjory Johnson

Marjory is improving well at Spring River for rehab.  She has a birthday soon on July 20! 




Tammy Winnett

Tammy had a shunt put in her lungs last week to drain fluid build up.  Fortunately her oxygen levels are good, even though her right lung was mostly full. 


Christian Verbryck

Please pray for Christian, Kim Conroy’s son.  He has had to go on heart medicine due to a serious skin infection that has gone systemic.  He also needs the Lord, so pray that God uses this to draw him near. 


Lloyd Cunningham

Lloyd has been diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic renal cell carcinoma.  He has had one immunotherapy treatment and is tolerating it well.  Lloyd is Brenda Bryant’s brother.


Phil Uyttebroeck

Phil had chemo last week and several more radiation treatments to go.  He has loss of appetite and has to make himself eat.  He wants everyone to know he misses being here.


Bobby Thomas

Bobby still has a tumor on his brain and has had radiation treatments every day this week.


Linda Teel

Linda goes back to MD Anderson in August for more scans.  Linda is Christy Taylor’s mother.




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