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Please pray for the Children’s and Young Families Pastor search committee: Amy Brake, Blair Dance, Charity Anderson, John Lewis, Lamont Buckner, Lisa Yates, Rick Williams.



New Baby

Josh and Kristi Terrio welcomed baby Hunter this week.  Josh was on our prayer list last year waiting for a kidney transplant, which his wife Kristi provided, and now they are a family of three!  Kristi Terrio is Heather Herrin’s sister.




Finny Marshall

Finny recently moved in with her daughter, Theresa Buckner, and fell last week.  She has been in the hospital for several days with congestive heart failure and liver functioning problems.  She was released on Tuesday and is using a walker to get around but is very weak.  Please pray for her and all the Buckner family as they adjust to being caregivers.


Adlee Taylor

Adlee broke her lower leg at a trampoline park last week but it was too swollen to see in the x rays until this week.  She got a cast on Tuesday and will be in it for several weeks.


Tammy Winnett

Tammy has an appointment at Mayo clinic soon.  Continue to pray for her health and also as she grieves the loss of her mother.


Linda Teel

Linda has her second treatment this week at MD Anderson in Houston.  Linda is Christy Taylor’s mother.


Bobby Thomas

        Bobby is having regular chemo treatments, but they have changed his medicine.


Mary Laird

Mary had stem cell transplant recently.  She is restricted to staying at home to protect her immune system until January 19, but she is completely cancer free!  Mary is Robert and Carole Laird’s daughter-in-law.


Charlie Wimsatt

Charlie had a Doppler on his heels and it shows that he has osteomyelitis in his bones.  He has to have IV antibiotics three times a day for six weeks.  He will be released from the nursing home this week due to Medicare, and will be having home health visiting three times a day to administer the IV.   Charlie is Brenda King’s father.






Marvin King

Marvin will be getting his next infusion in two weeks for possible ankylosing spondylitis, which is an inflammatory arthritis in the spine and joints, and then will have another infusion 8 weeks later.  Marvin is Brenda King’s husband.




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