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Linda Gray in Kharkov, Ukraine

Pray for several short term mission teams that will travel to Ukraine this summer, and all of the ministry potential with medical, construction, and homeless outreach, and that they can minister to the people there, including so  many who have been displaced by war.



Largent Family

George Largent’s father passed away this morning (5/24.)  Visitation will be from noon to 1:00 Friday, May 26, at Mason Woodard, followed by the funeral at 1:00.  Please pray for the whole family, as they lost his mother quite recently.



Cheri Scheerer

        Cheri has another sinus infection and is anticipating another sinus surgery.  Please pray for her to get relief.


Deborah Stinnett

        Deborah is having back surgery on Friday, June 2.  Please pray for her recovery to be swift.


Kenny and Sandy Waggoner

Kenny and Sandy have moved to North Carolina with a daughter and family.  Please pray for Kenny’s health and all their adjustments.


Kim Conroy

Kim has been diagnosed with differentiated endometrial adenocarcinoma.  She will be having a hysterectomy very soon, and doctors are very hopeful that it is all contained.


Aaron Shank

Aaron has a cyst on his femur, but it is benign and nothing to worry about.  He also sprained his knee, but does not need surgery.  Aaron is Charles and Gloria’s grandson.


Olivia Barr

Olivia has appendicitis and went in for surgery on Monday, but there was too much infection to remove it.  She had no fever all night post-op and her white blood cell count is going down.  She will be in the hospital for a couple more days until the drain tube can be removed, and will head back in a couple of weeks to try for an appendectomy.  Trendle and family are grateful for all the prayers.


Kenna Peters

Kenna has been in Mercy for over a week with infection.  She hopes to go home Friday.  She is Ken and Betty Turley’s daughter.


Ken Turley

        Ken went into the hospital this week and will be having surgery on his toe on Friday, May 26.


Jade Rachael McDonald

Jade has been hospitalized in Texas in ICU on life support for some time.  She has had polycystic kidney disease most of her life.  Jade is the 14-year old granddaughter of Herb and Nancy McDonald.


Leroy Baker

        Leroy recently had a heart attack.  He had a stent put into one artery that was 100% blocked.


Alison Parker

        Please pray for good guidance for Alison as she makes decisions.  Alison is David and Kathy Bennett’s daughter.


Melissa Miller

Melissa has been having trouble with her port working for chemo.  Melissa is Homer and Sallye’s daughter-in-law in Maine.


Mary Laird

Mary has been diagnosed with leukemia.  She is Robert and Carole Laird’s daughter-in-law.



Kay Profiri

Kay’s cancer has now spread to her brain.  Doctors are attempting to fight it with medications.  Please pray for Kay and her family.  She is a friend of Mary Ellen Walker.


Regina Bullen

        Regina has cancer that is spreading.  She recently finished up extremely strong radiation.  Please pray for her.


Jenny Flint

        Jenny is still having problems with her kidneys.


Ron Millburn

Please continue to pray for Ron.  Ron is BJ Lorenzen’s father.


Lloyd Cunningham     

Lloyd was able to have a heart valve repaired this week and is doing well so far.  He is home recovering.  Lloyd is Brenda Byant’s brother.


Bobby Thomas

Bobby has finished his radiation treatments and seems to feel pretty well.


Andy Leininger

Andy is part of a clinical trial for glioblastoma.  A recent MRI shows his brain is recovering from radiation treatments, and he has no new cancer cells.  He recently had a bicycle accident resulting in a broken shoulder.  He and his wife Liz are moving to Kansas City soon.


Cara Frett

        Cara has been struggling with back pain for several weeks.


David Cash

Please pray for David to find a compatible kidney soon.




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