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Here is your monthly encouragement from our ministry to your home. We continue to seek to find ways to provide you with simple resources and quick helps. We know raising children is a blessing from God and a huge responsibility. That is why each month we love being able to offer you our “Online Parenting Class”. If you have not checked them out yet, they are a 4-5-minute nugget of truth and training. Just a perfect little bite-size amount of information to add to your parenting thoughts.

I hope you enjoy this month’s because we are tackling “sleepovers”. Yes, we went there! They are almost a right of a passage of childhood, your child having their very first sleepover. It might be the first night away from you, and even though it seems like something small, it can be a huge deal for you and your child. This month’s OPC gives you some helpful hints about having “Family Rules” for sleepovers.

I hope you feel a little more prepared for those conversations with your child about these fun childhood moments. If you haven’t thought it all through, I hope this video can get the conversation going in your home about what you expect.

If you have any questions or need additional help I am always available to talk through any concerns you might have about an upcoming sleepover. It is always our goal to support you and make you God’s hero in the life of your child.



One of greatest concerns I hear from parents is for the safety of their child. We do live in a sometimes-dangerous world, and God has entrusted us with a huge responsibility of caring for our children. We want them to live by faith and not in fear. We do, however, need to find loving ways to keep them safe when they are away from us.

One of the first times away from us for a long period is during sleepovers. They are an exciting and fun time for our kids, especially that first invitation! We want to say “yes,” but there is a part of us that is saying “no.” What are we do, and how can we help prepare our kids for that first or next sleepover?

This month’s Online Parenting Class is here to help! It is all about “Family Rules for Sleepovers”.

You will find five great helpful hints to get you started on making rules for your family and jump-starting your conversations. Each one of these common-sense hints will give you guidance about how to think through the night and the expectations for the time, place, and people involved.

Give this month’s OPC a quick watch and get started on making those rules now. As always, let me know how I can help or if you have any questions about making your own set of “sleepover rules.”

Blessings –

Katie Jones (Children’s Minister)

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Family Rules for Sleepovers

February 1, 2019

February 1, 2019

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